Balti is a fascinating cooking utensil which infuses the flavour & taste of its cooking. Most famous in Kashmir Valley, the freshest herbs, spices, garlic & other aromatic spices.

Chicken/ Lamb Balti £5.50/£5.95
Chicken/ Lamb Tikka Balti £5.95/£6.25
Prawn Balti £5.95
King Prawn Balti £8.95
Mixed Balti £6.50
Prawn, chicken & lamb
Chicken Aloo & Chana Balti £6.50
Chicken, potatoes & chick peas
Chicken Sag Aloo Balti £6.50
Chicken, spinach & potatoes
Chicken & Mushroom Balti £6.50
Vegetable Balti V £5.25
Mushroom Balti V £5.25