Served with salad and sauce

Onion Bhajee V £2.45
Spicy Garlic Mushrooms V £2.45
Samosa (Meat or Veg) £2.45
Chicken/Aloo Chat Puri V £2.75
Chicken pieces or potatoes cooked with chat masala, served in a thin indian bread
Sheek Kebab £2.75
Mincemeat pungently spiced & grilled in a clay oven
Shami Kebab £2.75
Finely minced round steak, herbs & spice, fried in light butter
Nargis Kebab £3.50
Scotch egg covered in mince mixture, deep fried and served with an omelette on top
Chicken or Lamb Tikka £2.50
Lightly spiced, grilled in clay oven
Tandoori Chicken On the bone £2.50
Mixed Kebab £3.50
A gourment selection of mixed kebab & tikka, highly recommended
Chicken or Prawn Puree £2.75
Chicken or prawns gently blended with onions, tomatoes & herbs, served on a base of Indian bread
Chicken or Lamb Tikka Cumin £2.95
Chicken or lamb tikka seasoned with onions, capsicum & cumin
Tandoori King Prawn £3.75
King prawn marinated, spiced, cooked on skewers over a flaming tandoori
King Prawn Butterfly £3.75
King prawn buttered in bread crumbs & shallow fried
Chicken / Prawn /Mushroom Pakora V £2.75
Chicken chunks or prawn deep fried in a gram flour coating
Prawn Cocktail £2.50